Freelancers (Fiverr) vs. Agency (NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing):

Are you looking for a non-vetted freelancer or are you looking to have a relationship/partnership with a digital marketing agency who has a track record of solid results and industry recognition? Fiverr has a polished platform that will give you access to a variety of digital marketing freelancers. Although not all Fiverr reviews are as favorable as ours. However, that’s where most of the benefits using a Fiverr freelancer end.

NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing is less platform/freelancer-oriented and more services oriented. Great s already exist. If you want to take a chance on your business or with your digital marketing program by using an unverified Fiverr freelancer, then that's your decision. NITRO PLUG’s focus is on building a true partnership through high-quality services (not cheap/poor result services), joining you on the front lines in helping you drive new business, helping you scale, and ultimately partnering with you in the process of growing your business, and delivering quality results.

Freelancer with Fiverr Reviews
Fiverr Freelancer

Is Having Multiple Digital Marketing Offerings Important to You?

Fiverr has different "sellers" for each different digital marketing channel. You'll need a different Fiverr seller for PPC, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media, and Reputation Management. This can be very challenging according to Fiverr reviews. NITRO PLUG offers six customizable services to the needs of mid-size and enterprise customers. For example, NITRO PLUG can manage your entire digital marketing department under our agency umbrella.

NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing is the word leader in Digital Marketing.  We deliver results for businesses large and small world-wide.   Learn more about our digital marketing services and what we can do for you.  We can help you achieve the results you deserve today!

NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing is often selected as the trusted digital marketing provider to effectively manage larger customers and to provide excellent results.

Is Digital Marketing Scalability Important to You?

How much work can a Fiverr freelancer take on? So, let’s say after learning your business and digital marketing processes, you want to do more PPC, SEO, Email Marketing, or Social Media, but how can you scale with one digital marketing freelancer (Fiverr freelancer)? Fiverr provides the freelancer, however, their offering isn’t scalable. The Fiverr reviews say it all. You as the marketing manager or business owner have to decide whether to hire another freelancer and see if they will even work together.

What if instead, you could sign up with one agency and not have to project manage at all? Boom!

What if You Could Focus on Growing Business?

NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing is literally the most scalable digital marketing agency on the market. Once you sign up with us, we handle the rest. We handle executing the work, we communicate what we’re doing via conference calls/project system updates, and we send you regular reports. Everything is approved by you of course. You get to be completely hands off (if that's what you want)!

Why do many businesses struggle to get past a specific revenue number when using a Fiverr freelancer? Because they can’t scale their marketing efforts properly! Either they’re stuck project managing they’re focusing on the wrong things. If you're considering a freelancer, just be sure to read the Fiverr reviews for each freelancer.

Is Digital Marketing Credibility Important to You?

According to the Fiverr reviews, anybody can list a Fiverr gig, regardless of experience or skillset. You could potentially be hiring someone with no experience. You just need to be careful when navigating those waters, because you could end up without a safety net. Many of the Fiverr reviews mention cases similar to this and when reported to Fiverr, it was very difficult to get their money back.

NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing has been vetted by industry professionals, we've received countless digital marketing and service-based awards, and our client testimonials speak for themselves. Additionally, NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing was recognized by Bloomberg, Business Insider, and Yahoo Finance for our high-level service in the digital marketing industry.

Should You Read the Seller's Fiverr Reviews?

Does the Fiverr seller have any reviews? If a seller doesn't have any Fiverr reviews in the digital marketing space, they likely have had zero digital marketing clients. I would go as far as to question their experience in the industry. The sellers who have hundreds or thousands of Fiverr reviews are the ones with the most experience but you don't really know the size or scope of the job.

NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing has an excellent track record on multiple platforms. We have 5-star ratings on Google, UpCity, SEOBlog and many others.


Digital marketing is an extremely important part of the growth of your business. When looking at who to hire for your digital marketing project, there are plenty of options to choose from. It's up to you to decide whether you want to roll the dice on a freelancer with some decent Fiverr reviews or make a calculated choice in a vetted digital marketing agency such as NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing.

Fiverr Reviews for Digital Marketing
Maxine Reynolds - NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing

Maxine has extensive experience in the digital space and in driving positive experiences for clients. Her background touches large companies, where she successfully led marketing teams through grownd-breaking initiatives.

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