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For many industries, email marketing is the top revenue-driving marketing channel. That's because this is typically your most engaged audience; they've connected with your brand at some point, and even provided you with their email address. However, when it comes to email marketing, you may not know what to do; or you may know exactly what to do and just need some more resources to do the heavy lifting. How to you maximize your potential revenue for your contacts? How often should you deploy email campaigns? Do you need triggered marketing emails and which ones should you set up?

There's a lot that goes into email marketing, A LOT! When thinking about the best way to maximize your email channel's potential for conversion and revenue, you probably want to make sure you go with the best email marketing agency for the job. The NITRO PLUG Email Marketing Agency has over 80-years of combined experience managing email marketing programs at the highest levels and across multiple industries. Our agency team members have all managed enterprise-level email marketing lists in excess of 10M+. So, you can rest assured that you have the best of the best in email marketing . top professionals working to maximize your business with the latest strategies, tactics, and technologies.

Best Email Marketing Agency Service Provider
Email Marketing Agency & Service Provider


When selection the best email marketing agency, you'll want to make sure they have experience in the email space. Many digital marketing service providers don't know the intricacies of an email marketing program, which makes them unqualified to manage your database and your program. They need to have a plan on how they intend on handling the technical setup for authentication (if that's necessary) including DMARC, DKIM, and SPF protocols. Will they be running your campaigns out of a shared range of IP addresses, or a dedicated IP and why? If your IP addresses need warming, what's their warm-up plan? How long will the warm-up process take? Can they speak to email marketing inbox placement, and how much knowledge do they have on the topic of deliverability in general? Are they practicing a "mobile-first" approach? You'll also want to ask about the email marketing lists and list sizes they have managed. Have they worked with lists in excess of 10M contacts? Do they have experience building email marketing journeys and flows? Ask them to explain a few of them, how they work, and what the results were. Finally, will they provide detailed campaign tracking and reporting?

The best email marketing agency providers should be able to speak to these things without any problems. You'll know the difference between a leading email marketing service provider and one that's not. NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing is just that. Click the link below to schedule a free analysis of your email marketing program.


It's always good to know where your email marketing program is at, so we can see how much work it's going to take to get to where we want to be. Whether you have a fully established email program or you're just starting out, this will give us a solid foundation from which to build a successful email marketing strategy moving forward. We'll conduct a thorough analysis in each area of your program including your:

  1. Competition
  2. Industry
  3. Audience


Once we know the ins and outs of your email marketing program (if you have one), your competitors, industry, and your audience, we'll then develop your personalized email marketing strategy and plan. All clients have requirements that vary by industry, niche or audience. For instance, an e-Commerce client will have different requirements than a B2B software company. In any case, our world-class experts will create each plan with your specific goals in mind. Are you looking to just drive engagement for your newsletter or blog, or are you looking to drive revenue? Do you have a process for list growth? Does your email list need validation? What's worked for you in the past? Will we be coordinating with your internal marketing team? These are just a few items that we'll take into consideration when creating your personalized email marketing strategy. Our strategic approach includes assessing your business needs in these specific ares:

  1. Email Authentication Setup
  2. Email Acquisition
  3. Email Validation
  4. Transactional Emails
  5. Lifecycle Email Marketing
  6. Re-marketing and Triggered Emails
  7. Segmentation
  8. Personalization
  9. A/B Testing
  10. Deliverability & Inbox Placement
  11. Content & Creative
  12. Marketing Email Cadence
  13. Tracking & Reporting


This is where all of the email marketing analysis and planning finally get put into action. Our team of professional email marketers will handle your entire email program from end-to-end. Our team will align with you on content and initial template design. We'll then follow our internal processes on campaign development, testing, scheduling, deployment, reporting, and optimization. We'll also implement a failsafe approval process, to ensure we only deploy accurate content that's approved by you. We'll also have regular meetings with your team to walk through results, and look at any potential opportunities.



All of our SEO projects have custom pricing based on your specific needs and the amount of work it will take to get you an ROI.

Email Deployments
Strategy & Planning
Content Development
Template Design
List Management
Email Deployments
Strategy & Planning
Content Development
Template Design
List Management
Email Deployments
Strategy & Planning
Content Development
Template Design
List Management


We will assess your digital marketing and run a competitive analysis

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