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How PPC Management Service Helps Elevate Your Brand?

If you’re looking for immediate results in terms of instant sales or conversions, PPC is your go-to marketing tool, also known as Pay Per-Click Management. It is an excellent tactic to get you the right customers in less time. Get your products/services/offers in front of your potential customers who are actively looking for you. Advertise on Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing and many more. Over proven PPC management service leverages compelling messaging and flawless website experience to support and drive more conversions. Every aspect of your campaign is tested, analyzed, and optimized from end-to-end. Our proven methods have helped hundreds of clients thrive in the digital space. Get successful PPC management services and boost your conversions with NITROPLUG!

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Analytics & Conversion Tracking
Our PPC experts ensure to provide and integrate basic analytics tracking and conversion tracking codes for PPC as per requirements. Proper tracking is essential to our success and we will work with your team to ensure it is accurate. We would specifically monitor all relevant conversion points, including lead generation forms and newsletter signup forms. 

Keyword Selection
Keyword selection is key to the success of any PPC Campaign. We believe in a very comprehensive long-tailed keyword approach, as it has a positive effect in both reducing costs per click and increasing relevance. The more general terms will need to be bid slightly lower since the conversion rates will be lower.

Target Competitors
We also propose specifically targeting competitors’ names as keywords. Branding is very strong in your vertical market, and any time we have a competitive advantage, we want to target the competitor's name for highly relevant clicks. For this practice to be effective, we will need well-composed ads and high-quality landing pages.

Quality Scores‍

Since high quality scores are so vital to the success of the account, we regularly review quality scores and restructure PPC campaigns with that in mind. We anticipate having dedicated search, display network and remarketing campaigns. We anticipate that each of the search and display campaigns will have dozens of ad groups of tightly knit keywords for optimal quality scores.

PPC Match Types

‍In our PPC campaign management, we recommend focusing on more exacting match types. For the most part, we can avoid broad match keywords, except where a keyword has proven to have exceptionally low conversion costs. We will instead focus on modified broad match keywords, phrase matched keywords, and exact matched keywords, with higher bids on the more exacting match type. We will be able to accomplish several things with this methodology. First, we will be better able to micromanage bids, since the exact matched keywords are likely to convert better than the broad matched keywords and deserve more aggressive bids. More importantly, when Google sees that a keyword is present three or four times in different variations in an ad group, the relevance between the keywords goes way up. That tends to lead to higher quality scores, which in turn lowers our CPCs.

Negative Keywords
Negative keywords block traffic that is triggered by your keywords, but not truly traffic you want coming to your website. We will have a significant number of negative keywords that we have identified from previous clients in your industry that we can incorporate into your account. Ongoing reviews of search queries and the addition of negative keywords are part of our standard operating procedures.

Bid Adjustments
We will utilize our proprietary bid management software and expertise in a manner that allows us to bid specifically on the keywords and websites that best reach the campaign's target audience for the most cost-effective rates. As a general rule, we found that positions two and three are often the most cost-effective, but we will treat each keyword individually and use our tools to push them to the optimal positions.

Managing by Devices
With the advent of Google enhanced campaigns, the mobile marketplace has changed. While mobile traffic is a sizable segment of the online marketplace, it tends to convert at a lower rate. We will adjust to this conversion rate in two ways. Click-to-call conversions from mobile devices are often the preferred method of converting, so we will definitely want to incorporate click-to-call into our strategies. Secondly, we typically recommend bidding down on our mobile bids, and our experience indicates that a reduction of 10 to 15 percent in your marketplace is a good starting point, although you may have internal data that further refines this figure.

Ad Creation
Getting the messaging right is a big key to successful PPC marketing & management. We have seen such messaging have profound effects on both click-through rates and conversion rates, which is one of the reasons we emphasize such a high level of client interaction when creating campaigns. We will incorporate your messaging with our standard best practices regarding ad copy to create effective, compelling ads. This is true for both text and image ads. We can either utilize existing image ads that you have created or create new and unique ads with images that you provide us. Part of getting the messaging right is making sure that we are using proven images from your inventory.

Ad Variations
Our experts recommend split testing a variety of ad variations. We will create a series of highly optimized PPC ads and will continually split test them against one another. We will also incorporate ad extensions into every ad group and optimize them as well, in an effort to improve click-through rates.

Display Network
Initially, we recommend not devoting more than 10 to 15 percent of the PPC budget to the display networks. This network targets people who are researching information on websites that are relevant to your industry, but we project the traffic quality there to be much lower than in the search networks. However, the click cost in the display networks, which we predict will be a fraction as much as the search networks, is low enough that we believe this can be a small source of cost-effective traffic. In particular, we want to focus on remarketing (see below). If the data proves otherwise, we will enlarge the budgets for these campaigns and expand the display networks.

We believe that “remarketing” (sometimes called “retargeting”) will be a vital component to the success of your digital marketing efforts. Here is a brief explanation. With the exception of those few people who have cookies disabled on their computer, a cookie can be placed on the computer of any website visitor. It doesn't matter how they arrived on the website. Those people can then be targeted with low cost ads and visit different sites online. This scenario is typically very cost-effective and can turn a one-time visitor into a customer, essentially multiplying our efforts towards target clientele.

We will share our proprietary reporting tool. This source does a fantastic job of showing trending data. We will send these reports and personal analysis of your account on a weekly basis.

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Integrating Accounts
It is important to make sure everyone requested to work on the account has access through the business manager and establishes ownership for our clients. This includes adding on any business managers, ad accounts, pages, groups or access we need to work efficiently without any passwords required. Typically accounts give us advertiser access so you still have full control over your account and any history with that account. This process is fairly easy and will help make life easier for you when having several employees or agencies working on the accounts. This will also help to keep track of who is posing what and when ads are being changed.

Set Up Pixel and Analytics Conversion Tracking
If money is being spent on advertising, we need to know how well the social media campaigns are preforming. This comes from pixels and analytics conversion tracking. We will take the time to walk you through putting code on your site to track where the traffic is going, what are they doing, if they bought anything, etc. This helps us get the most for your dollar and allows us to A/B test properly. This form of tracking leads to effective remarking campaigns and lower costs per acquisition. Using UTM parameters also help with these tracking tools.

Building Remarketing Campaigns (segmentation for ecommerce):
As mentioned above, remarketing campaigns can be set up after the pixel and analytics code is in place. This allows us to remarket to the same individuals who have previously spent time on your site, if they did not convert into a sale. The goal here is to build campaigns around different products/services they were interested in and specifically target them to get them to make a final decision or get more information about you. Keeping your brand front of mind is just as important and the good news is you don’t pay unless they click.

Awareness / Traffic Driving Campaigns
Brand campaigns or awareness campaigns are focused on building the image of your company through a social presence. Trusting a company should never be defined by the number of likes on a page but it is a start in pushing awareness and building a following. Other campaigns that do this well are informational articles or videos.

Audience Building / Lookalike Campaigns
Audience building can be a lot of work and will take up the majority of any ad campaign being launched. Using your buyer persona is going to be key in targeting the right person you are interested in advertising to. Over time with the use of the pixel code, (Facebook/Instagram only) an audience will be built. They will be called a lookalike audience that mimics your target person based on the interests that are shared among those that are converting. This gives us the best chance possible at a perfect customer and helps to reinforce remarketing campaigns.

Social Media Ad Creation
Ads vary based on the social media platform. Regardless of that platform we help to develop, the most diverse/results driven ads based on text/images/titles/URLs/CTA buttons, etc. Each of these pieces can change the outcome of the social media ad. To make sure that we are continuing to improve the results of the ads we A/B test them based on the discussed key performance indicator. *Image creation is an additional cost*

A/B Testing (KPI):
A/B testing as mentioned above helps to test only one variable at a time without altering anything else so we can tell what is working and what is not. Typically, a client is looking to increase sales thus making their key performance indicator a conversion. This is not always the case as some campaigns are interested in awareness or promotion of a certain event. Yes, ticket sales are the goal but pre-campaigns to the release of a movie or concert are just as important to promote awareness. Once all the variables are testing across a full week (5 business days), we go back to looking at the audience. If no results have been found (very unlikely), we recalibrate the audience and focus on lookalike audience building all over again.

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Setup / Tracking
Keyword Selection
Quality Scores
Match Types
Setup / Tracking
Keyword Selection
Quality Scores
Match Types
Setup / Tracking
Keyword Selection
Quality Scores
Match Types



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