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Understanding Reputation Management

Have you come across outdated information on the web that's haunting you or your business? Is your business not necessarily favored in the public eye due to an old arrest record or a bad reputation? This type of online content can have a significant impact on your business' revenue, or even your personal career path. Our comprehensive online reputation management services will suppress and eliminate these items, so you can project the right public image.

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What Includes Our Online Reputation Management Services?

NITROPLUG reputation management entails managing your brand's reputation digitally and affecting how the public perceives your brand. We ensure that end-users and search engines locate the right materials when searching for your brand. Our online reputation management services include:

Critical Research & Analysis

As first steps with a client, we start with critical research. Our comprehensive Initial Analysis Reports lay the foundation for the strongest search engine reputation management success possible and determines the best path in achieving your return on investment. The analysis is an extreme amount of information we need to collect in order to take action and direction with your websites. It takes us approximately 2- 3 weeks to aggregate the below data, then we deliver the reports to you in an online meeting format. By writing these reports, we will be able to structure a Strategic Internet Marketing Plan (SIMP), which will enable us to communicate effectively with our partners.

Keyword Analysis Report
As a crucial reputation management attribute, we identify the keywords and search phrases that produce negative results for you or your brand. This report also provides search volume estimates used to determine how severe and widespread the problem is.

Initial Ranking (Benchmark)
Ranking positions for your brand and for each URL that has posted negative content about your brand. This critical component ensures that you are aware of all potentially negative results.

Link Profile Analysis
Comprehensive report detailing all inbound links, anchor text and age of each link. Used to identify backlinks that may be preventing your site from ranking above negative results.

Site Crawl
Full crawl of all pages, images and all other elements that are necessary for your website to operate. This report is used to rule out structural issues that may be affecting current rankings.

Offending Result Strength Analysis
It's important to know what we're up against and how long it's going to take to overcome the negative results.

Positive Asset Strength Analysis
We also need to know what positive assets we have at our disposal to fix the problem. These can include: Existing social media assets, Affiliate sites, Micro-sites, Sites with positive content owned by other entities, etc.

On Page Optimization Recommendations
From title tags, to keyword density, and meta-descriptions. The existing on page optimization of our positive assets needs to be taken into account to combat the issue.

Creation of a content development strategy
Once we know what we have and what we're up against we'll make recommendations on what content needs to be created to combat the issue.

Strategy & Scope of Work Development
Develop and deliver are commended strategy and Scope of Work that will “push” the result from page one, and beyond, if possible. Strategy will also include expectation for timeframes and costs.

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NITROPLUG Online Reputation Management Plan

Based upon the data we uncover, we create a custom SIMP that lays-out our path in dominating organic search engine rankings. Our online reputation management plan includes:

Detailed Website Audit
What do we need to fix? Is the code within the web site conducive to the latest search engine algorithms? Is there a path for search engines to easily access optimized content? Can the current web site be properly optimized?

Assets Identification
What web assets do we have? Do you already have other websites we can use to combat your reputation management issue? To push positive content to the top of the search engines we will likely need several sites that are well optimized for the term to be successful. Very rarely can 1 – 2 sites successfully complete the task alone. If you do not already have high authority web assets available, we will look at acquiring some for you. All of these costs are passed directly to your company.

Keyword Optimization & Mapping
A financial order for your keywords. Some keywords are going to have a greater impact on your business and the exposure of negative content than others. We will prioritize your keywords not simply by largest search volume to least, but by what negative content we can incrementally remove from your customer's eyes the quickest; thus, producing a positive ROI as efficiently as possible.

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All of our SEO projects have custom pricing based on your specific needs and the amount of work it will take to get you an ROI.

On-Page Optimization
Off-Page Optimization
Toxic Backlink Removal
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On-Page Optimization
Off-Page Optimization
Toxic Backlink Removal
Social Signal Development
Weekly Meetings
On-Page Optimization
Off-Page Optimization
Toxic Backlink Removal
Social Signal Development
Weekly Meetings



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