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In order to achieve successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results nationwide, research is essential. Our in-depth Initial Analysis Reports lay the foundation for maximum search engine rankings and determine the most effective path to achieving a return on the investment you make on national SEO service.  In order to take action and steer your websites, we have an immense amount of information we must collect.  Generally, we aggregate this data within two to three weeks and then deliver it to you via an online meeting.  Our Strategic Internet Marketing Plan (SIMP) will be based on these reports, which will allow all parties to gain an understanding of the scope of the project.  A quote for ongoing national SEO will be provided once this plan is completed, but until then you can only guess the amount of effort needed to achieve success.  So, we begin by conducting non-committal research as a first step. You will be able to see how it's like to interact with our professional team, you will have an understanding of the opportunities and obstacles, and you will know how we help you achieve your goal with our effective  national SEO services. Our initial reports cover the following:

Keyword Report

Provide specific keywords and search phrases that users are typing into Google, as well as the monthly search volume.  With this activity, you can get a sense of what kind of traffic searches for your products/services monthly.

Initial Website Analysis For National SEO

In addition to the images on each page, our software will look for broken links, too fast or slow loading times, and other areas that interfere with search engine crawling.  An optimized website is vital for overall search engine optimization.  To attain success with SEO marketing, it is imperative that a website's structure be organized logically and in layers.

Competition Analysis

Our SEO experts analyzing this report, we'll be able to identify the keyword's strength and how difficult or easy it will be to attain results.  It is our agency objective to help you get an immediate return on your investment. By organizing keywords and search phrases into a timeline, first we can focus on optimizing keywords that will rank on the front page of the search engine while we work on more difficult keywords.

Initial Ranking (Benchmark)

The report displays the current ranking of keywords and search phrases. A national SEO company that does its job well must be accountable for its results.  We will review your website's ranking for the keywords in our benchmark report.  In the future, we will run reports comparing our efforts with that of yours.  In order to measure the impact of our nationwide SEO impact, such reports will be generated every three to five weeks.

Initial Competitive Intelligence Analysis

As part of this step, you need to identify who your top 10 competitors for these keywords and search phrases are and where they rank.  In order to strategize and set expectations, it is essential for our company to know who your competitors are online and where they rank for the same keywords as ours. Analyzing competitive websites can help us gain an advantage over them.

Backlink Strength Report

Several mathematical details are provided in this report about the strength of inbound links within your website.  In the case of links that come from another website or blog, a numerical value known as the citation flow will be reported.  Your website may be damaged or benefited depending on where the links are coming from, how old the domain is, the content on the site, and other factors. The quality structure of nationwide SEO service depends on the development of a solid backlink program that is steadily progressing and rich in relevant content.

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SEO is the best investment most companies can make. The goal of our SEO strategy is to gain authority and trust from Google (and other search engines) on specific keywords. As soon as trust is established and rankings are achieved, our clients tend to maintain their first page rankings for a long time.  Our clients reap the rewards of this investment month after month.  There are only two ways for your ranking to decline.  There is a first way to find out if competitors optimize keywords better than you do.  Below are some approaches to address this problem.  A second reason that organic rankings change is that Google updates its algorithms.  We appreciate these updates.  As a result of Google's recent "Penguin" and "Panda" updates, our clients' organic rankings have improved by about 80 percent, with the remaining 20 percent experiencing no changes or modest declines.  Even though it is impossible to predict what Google's next SEO update will do, our methodology is in line with the direction Google is moving with its updates.  The methods we employ in national SEO have proven effective across many industries, and in highly competitive markets, which is why our clients rank on the first page of Google in over a quarter-million searches.

Our National SEO Methodologies

On Page Optimization

The process of optimizing the on-page content of a website involves writing new, properly optimized content to be posted on the site.  In order to ensure that this content adheres to all the best practices such as keywords in the title, alt tags and meta tags, etc. we will add this content for you after your team reviews and approves it for publication.  

Most of the time, we determine that it is better to simply optimize what already exists than to create new content.  Depending on your needs, our national SEO service experts can provide recommendations on how to improve existing on-page content and with your approval, we can implement those changes or ensure your team adheres to our recommendations/best practices.

Off Page Optimization

There are no such things as equal backlinks, so you won't find us guaranteeing you "x" number of backlinks, since that has little value to you or to ranking in the end.  Our approach is to provide quality links from blogs that specifically mention the keyword we're trying to rank for and include the keyword in the anchor text and linking back specifically to the article we want to rank for.  We understand the importance of controlling those backlinks and therefore we strongly believe in a sustainable approach to backlinks.  Whenever Google updates their algorithm, we can change the way we approach backlinks and make changes to the ones we've previously built for you.  By following this model, we have not only helped our clients gain success, but also remain market leaders.

Toxic Backlink Removal

Toxic backlinks coming from unfavourable neighbourhoods will first be identified and then monitored, and if discovered, the backlinks will be disavowed.  Our SEO company developed our own software since Google announced its Disavow Tool which has greatly simplified the disavow process.  We use this tool to help locate toxic backlinks, request the site to remove them, check automatically after one week to see if removal has happened, and then report to Google if they have not removed said backlinks to officially disavow them.  In order to disavow toxic backlinks, Google requires this documented process.  Performing this process manually can be a lengthy process.  To achieve the best results from SEO service, our tool does the heavy lifting, but we combine it with human intelligence to ensure that ONLY bad links are removed.

Social Signal Development

The importance of social signals is increasing as an indicator of full-fledged SEO, and that's why it's important for us to build social signals for new content we create for clients.  This activity is carried out by sending tweets, plus one's, and sharing the content through our social signal network.  The approach we take with existing content is much more gradual, as Google would view an old piece of content as unnatural if there were many social signals undefined.

Weekly Meetings

In our opinion, we should meet weekly with our clients. Although SEO may take time, we don't believe that we should put off our objectives / tasks any longer than they need to be. Maintaining regular communication with us allows you to hold us accountable, and we will hold both you and your team accountable for action items. During the meetings, we will also review progress reports on the national SEO campaign and share the results of our relationship.

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All of our SEO projects have custom pricing based on your specific needs and the amount of work it will take to get you an ROI.

On-Page Optimization
Off-Page Optimization
Toxic Backlink Removal
Social Signal Development
Weekly Meetings
On-Page Optimization
Off-Page Optimization
Toxic Backlink Removal
Social Signal Development
Weekly Meetings
On-Page Optimization
Off-Page Optimization
Toxic Backlink Removal
Social Signal Development
Weekly Meetings



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