Using Local SEO As a Tool for Contractor Marketing

Most contractors rely on local customers to drive their business. Whether you specialize in home repairs or provide remodeling services, establishing a strong relationship with clients in your area is critical. Local SEO for contractors is a tool that you can use to connect with customers online. This contractor marketing technique not only makes your company rank highly on local search engines, but you can also compare yourself with competing businesses. Such valuable insights are useful when expanding outreach and building your brand.

Digital Marketing for Construction Industry: How to Implement a Local SEO Strategy

As a contractor, you may already be aware of SEO and how it helps improve online visibility. But local SEO for contractors involves much more than using the right keywords or creating engaging content. To make your digital marketing strategy for the construction industry more effective, you should implement local SEO for contractors techniques. This can be done by enabling geolocation services, improving website responsiveness, and investing in keyword research.

Research shows that 18% of customers who carry out a local search will make a purchase on the same day. Companies can benefit significantly from local SEO for contractors because their clients undergo a lengthy buying cycle. With the proper strategy in place, your business will reduce purchasing timelines by attracting sales-ready leads. You may even get referrals from your local clients. And because the construction industry is built on contractor-client trust, local SEO allows you to rise above the competition.

Here are 5 strategies you should implement as part of your local SEO for contractors campaign.

1. Sign Up for Google My Business

Many Google searches are carried out by people looking for a local solution to their problem. For contractors, this local intent is even more apparent. Whether a client is looking to build a new modular home or expand their garage, you can take advantage of local searches to boost visibility. Google my business is a useful tool that makes it easier for customers to find you. The tool optimizes your web pages for local traffic by displaying your address, phone number, and links. The interface is also adapted for easy viewing on mobile and desktop devices, making it more convenient for customers to find your products/services.

A Google my business account is a must-have for digital marketing in the construction industry. This tool provides geolocation information that local customers can use, along within-depth metrics for tracking activity. You can get information about calls made to your business, website clicks, and even direction requests. These valuable insights allow you to optimize your local SEO for contractors strategy and build your brand.

Using Local SEO As a Tool for Contractor Marketing

2. Invest in Keyword Research During Contractor Marketing

Keyword research is a critical part of any local SEO for contractors strategy. For local searches, you need to embed your web content with high-ranking keywords/phrases that customers tend to use. This strategy begins with keyword analysis. Find out what your competitors are using to draw traffic and combine this insight with target audience research. In other words, you should have an in-depth understanding of what your potential clients are searching for online. These keywords can then be embedded within your web content, pictures, and blogs to boost online visibility.

Another useful strategy is to incorporate links within your content. Link building is one of the most important metrics that search engines use to rank websites. Because you can also link social media pages to your website and search results, you’ll be able to synthesize your digital marketing strategy. Backlinks leading to your website also make it easier for local customers to find your business online.

3. Regularly Update Your Business Contact Information

A common mistake that contractors make is failing to update contact information. Because much of the construction business is based on relationships, you may assume that your most important clients have your number anyway. However, attracting a new client base will require accurate and reliable information. Don’t forget to keep your search engine result pages (business name, phone number, social media, and website links) up to date at all times.

4. Enable Geolocation Services

One of the most significant benefits in local SEO for contractors is physical accessibility. You can direct customers to your business by integrating Google maps on your online platforms. In this way, customers simply must tap/click on the map, and they receive instant directions to your location. Geolocation services shorten the contractor buying cycle and build brand awareness.  

Using Local SEO As a Tool for Contractor Marketing - Climb to the top of your rankings

5. Learn What Competing Companies are Doing

Knowing what your competitors are doing is fundamental to the success of your contractor marketing strategy.The construction industry is driven by trends in customer preferences. To keep up, you should remain knowledgeable of the SEO strategies your competition is using. For example, a keyword competitor analysis enables you to see how high your business is ranking when compared to similar companies. Pay attention to those keywords that could land you on the first page in as short a time as possible. Work strategically down the list to focus on other words/phrases.

Local SEO for contractors is essential to your digital marketing strategy in the construction industry. To strengthen relationships with your local clients, invest in a continuous SEO campaign that makes it easier for customers to find you. A contractor marketing partner such as NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing can help you implement a complete local SEO campaign. This includes on and off-page optimization, creating high quality backlinks, enabling geolocation services, and keeping an eye on competitors. Contact us to start your local SEO journey today.

Why Local SEO for Contractors?

Well, local SEO for contractors simply works. It's that simple. There is data that supports local SEO as a leading marketing tactic for contractors. It will literally place your business on the map. Then, when potential clients are searching for a contractor, they will see your business information, where you're located, and even customer reviews. Once you actually place effort into your local SEO for contractors, you'll see the difference.

Who Handles Local SEO for Contractors?

Local SEO for contractors is handled by a number of digital marketing agencies, but there's one digital marketing agency that rises above the rest, and that's our team at NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing. NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing has been managing local SEO for contractors for the better part of a decade. We specialize in contractor marketing, contractor SEO and local SEO for contractors. Need a professional digital marketing team that knows how to boost local SEO for contractors, then that's us!

Using Local SEO As a Tool for Contractor Marketing
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