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You recently accomplished your dream of beginning a small business or startup company. You have customers and clients who are willing to do business with you, but do you know how to keep them coming back? Nitro Plug Digital Marketing helps create customer advocacy through services like reputation management, SEO, PPC management, and email marketing management. When leveraging these services, here are some key ingredients that we continuously think about for turning new clients and customers into steadfast supporters.


Recognize Customers As Individuals

Rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach with your customers, look at them as the individuals they are. Before making service and product recommendations,Shopify recommends considering individual customer buying and browsing history. That way, you can suggest something the person actually wants. By neglecting to see customers as individuals, you risk sending them into the arms of your competitors.


Boost Customer Experience

Don't be afraid to ask your customers what's working and not working with their overall experience. HappyOrNot notes asking outright can save you time and energy racking your brain about how to better serve your patrons. By reaching out, you know exactly what to address and how your audience wants you to resolve it. This is better than investing time and money in solutions that ultimately don't work.


Request Customer Feedback

How well do you think your business performs? Although your customers may have a different opinion than you expect, you cannot know that if you don't ask. By harnessing customer feedback, you encourage trust between your operation and your customers. Even if the opinions reveal something you don't want to hear, digging into a grievance may reveal an opportunity to improve your business model and better serve your target audience.


Respond to Complaints

When customers come to you with a complaint or concern, take time to respond. Address the matter and explain how you plan to remedy the situation, making sure you take action and not offer empty promises. Compensate the person for their troubles by offering a gift card, coupon or free item.


Be Prepared for Problems

In spite of your best efforts, there will be times when you simply cannot please everyone. In fact, National Funding explains that 53 percent of small businesses are involved in lawsuits at any given time, whether from disgruntled employees, unhappy customers or issues with outside entities.


Protect Personal Assets

The first line of defense is to protect your personal assets. You can do this by simply forming a limited liability company, or LLC. You don’t even need to hire an attorney, since you can create a California LLC through an online formation service. For under $50 and in the space of a couple of hours, you can protect yourself and your property, and you’ll enjoy other benefits as well, like pass-through taxation and more flexibility for growth than other structures provide.


Safeguard Your Information

Another protection is data security. Cyber security specialists can help you formulate a practical plan for protecting your sensitive information from cyber attacks. Criminals target small businesses through any number of slick tactics, like malware and phishing attacks, and they will help to ensure your data is safe.The last thing you want is to have to tell your customers their personal information is compromised, so put up proper defenses.


When you stay focused on providing for your customers and meeting their unique needs, you build a strong, continuous relationship. As mutual trust and respect grow, your customers and clients can't help but become advocates of your brand and business.

Turn Your Clients and Customers Into Loyal Advocates
Maxine Reynolds - NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing

Maxine has extensive experience in the digital space and in driving positive experiences for clients. Her background touches large companies, where she successfully led marketing teams through grownd-breaking initiatives.

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