What is Lead Response Management and Why is it Important in Construction Lead Generation?

Construction lead generation is useless without a strategic, and automated lead response management system in place. Lead response management is the system by which a construction company manages and responds to inbound leads from their lead generation efforts. This includes email, SMS, or voicemail follow-ups and the ones that do this the best, have it programmed to be automated. As someone visits your website and submits their information by filling out your form, you essentially have automated email, SMS, and voicemail follow-up messages that engage the prospect just enough for them to schedule an appointment or call you. This process helps to eliminate the leads that are not ready for your services, and brings to the forefront the ones that are. Lead response management is imperative to ensuring all leads have been adequately responded to, leading to strong construction lead generation for your business. Construction companies who can master the art of lead response management have the opportunity to increase their conversion rate by up to 800%!

Lead Response Management in Construction Lead Generation
Lead Response Management in Construction Lead Generation

What Will Lead Response Management Do for Your Construction Business?

Setting up automated lead response management can do wonders for your construction lead generation efforts and your entire construction business. You will no longer need to manually follow up with leads via email or phone calls. The leads will essentially come straight to you, and take the action that you request. Want the leads to schedule a phone call with you? Make sure that your automated messages have your calendar link embedded, so the leads can schedule the call directly from the message. Would you rather have the leads call your office? Not a problem, you can embed a click-to-call feature directly in your message as well. Just make sure that you outline what action you want the lead to take when they are ready.

Setting Up Lead Response Management for Construction Lead Generation

Setting up your lead response management system for your construction lead generation efforts can be simple or complex, depending on your technical expertise. There are platforms that a made specifically for lead response management such as SalesPype, and there are other platforms such as ActiveCampaign that can be leveraged for lead response management, in addition to some other use cases they offer. Additionally, there are some other tools that will be necessary to ensure that your lead response management system is properly setup. You'll need a Zapier account to route your data from your website form into your lead response management platform, and you may need a Twilio account if you plan on sending SMS or voicemail drops.

Anyone with moderate technical expertise in using the platforms listed above should be able to setup your lead response management for your construction lead generation efforts. If you need help setting this up, there are plenty of experts you can reach out to. NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing is an expert at setting up lead response management, but you can also reach out to freelancers as well.

What's the Appropriate Follow-up Cadence for My Lead Response Management?

When it comes to the cadence of messages for your lead response management, this can vary by industry, method of outreach, and even the prospect. Your lead response management for your construction lead generation should be tested and closely monitored for performance. Are your leads taking action with your follow up messages? If so, then you're probably on the right track. Are your leads unsubscribing or showing gross disengagement? In this case, then maybe you need to spread your messages out a bit further and dial back on your sales tone. At some point, if a lead doesn't respond it's okay to let them go. It's possible they're no longer interested, or maybe they've found another provider. In any event, if a lead has run through your entire lead response management course and have not responded, they might not be the lead for you, and you should focus on the leads that are actively responding.

Conservative SMS and Voicemail Follow-ups in Lead Response Management

SMS and voicemail messages are completely different than email message follow ups. With email people typically have a little more leniency to be accepting to multiple follow up messages. However, SMS and voicemail are not the same at all. People do not like being over-messaged on their cellular devices, so you need to leverage SMS and voicemail outreach extremely liberally. A good rule to live by is one SMS and one voicemail for every three to five email messages. Anything more than that is too much and you'll likely receive some complaints about your sales approach. Remember, they came to your website and filled out your form. They want something that you offer, so just be patient and let your construction lead generation and lead response management efforts work for you.

Closing Your Construction Lead Generation Efforts with Solid Lead Response Management

Once your construction lead generation and your lead response management efforts begin working, you just need to be prepared to answer the phone, send an estimate, or hold a meeting with your prospect. That's it! If you can manage that effectively, you'll start to see new cycles of business coming through each and every day. You won't need to worry about manually following up with leads because your automated lead response management system will be doing all of that for you. Before you know it, you might even need to hire additional help to manage the leads that respond. If that's your biggest problem, then that's a good problem to have!

Lead Response Management in Construction Lead Generation
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