Lead Generation Companies for Contractors Use Social Media

Most construction companies rely on traditional marketing techniques to attract new customers. But as useful as Television Ads, referrals, and brochures can be, your business will need to implement a modern approach that continuously generates leads. This explains why over 70% of contractors are investing in online marketing channels. 

Social media is one of the most effective channels for lead generation for contractors in the 21st century. With over 3 billion people on Facebook alone, these platforms provide endless potential for connecting with your target audience. The challenge that most contractors face is developing a social media campaign for generating leads. Because social media platforms are broad and complex, navigating this relatively new space within the construction industry can be challenging. 

The good news is that by working with agencies that provide lead generation for contractors, you can develop an effective campaign that draws traffic to your online platforms. This allows you to nurture and eventually convert leads as you grow your business. When getting started with social media, here’s what you should know with regards to lead generation.  

1. It Starts with Identifying Your Target Audience

Because social media platforms are so extensive, simply putting out your message without a strategy will be fruitless. A better approach is to think about who your target audience is and how you can begin cultivating meaningful relationships. Market research is a good place to start. This involves understanding how your clients use social media, which sites they frequently visit, and which posts they regularly engage with. You should also be aware of which specific pain points your customers have and the types of solutions they seek when addressing those pain points. 

For example, a potential customer may be seeking environmentally friendly building materials for their new office space. When doing lead generation for contractors, you should position yourself to attract such leads through your social media messaging strategy. Facebook groups and Instagram/Twitter hashtags are useful when connecting with potential customers.This strategy allows you to narrow down your outreach to a niche audience that fits your customer profile. In this way, you can develop targeted content that nurtures leads down the sales funnel. 

Lead Generation Companies for Contractors Use Social Media - Build your brand

2. Create Engaging Content for Your Audience 

Another useful strategy in lead generation for contractors is to develop engaging content that attracts potential customers. Because construction-related content is unique, you have the advantage of standing out from millions of other content niches out there. Align your social media posts, images, and back links to the pain points of your customers. In other words, each post should have a specific and measurable purpose before being posted on your social media pages.

Whether you’re looking to display before/afterimages of a home, or the new wearable devices your employees use, limiting each post to a short and sweet format will be critical to lead generation. Of course, an agency that provides lead generation for contractors can also help you develop content that your audience will love. 

Timing and delivery is also key to the success of your social media campaign. By understanding when construction leads are most likely to use social media, you can develop a content calendar tailored to the construction industry. This means posting videos, pictures, and text adjust the right time for your potential customers.  

3. Take Advantage of PPC Ads 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads are an excellent way of generating leads on your social media platforms. Websites such as Facebook and Google allow you to integrate targeted ads that strategically pop up in your customers’ timelines. Because the process is highly automated, ads will be optimized to appear when potential leads engage with content relevant to your business. And when a PPC ad is clicked, users are directed to your website or social media pages. 

PPC ads have a high ROI due to their highly targeted nature. In fact, PPC visitors who end up on your construction website are 50% more likely to make a purchase or fill out a contact form. Developing successful PPC ads for your construction business will require proper planning. For example, you need specific keywords that your customers are likely to use, followed by analytical tools that evaluate the effectiveness of those words/phrases. Competitor analysis also allows you to examine which types of ads work best in your lead generation for contractors strategy on social media. 

4. Elevate the Value of Your Brand on Social Media Pages 

Perhaps the most valuable lead generation strategy that contractors should consider is brand building. Developing a brand is critical in the construction industry. It allows you to get loyal customers and boost conversion rates. You can also build your brand on social media by using customized pages. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to upload banners, graphics, and other unique designs. And by linking social media pages to your website, you can develop a consistent image that speaks to your company's value. 

Lead Generation Companies for Contractors Use Social Media - Measure your leads

Consistency in branding makes it easier for potential customers to navigate your online content and find solutions to their problems. They will also refer to your platforms whenever needed for relevant construction services, resulting in a self-sustaining lead generation for contractors strategy. 

5. Seek the Services of Lead Generation Companies for Contractors 

Bringing your social media lead generation strategy to life will require expertise, attention to detail, and proper execution. Therefore, you need to work closely with a digital marketing firm that understands your construction business’s unique needs. A blanket approach to social media marketing will likely not yield results for your company. Instead, you need a trusted partner in the digital marketing space every step of the way. 

From developing your social media pages to understanding your target audience, Nitro Plug Digital Marketing has unique solutions necessary for lead generation. We will work with you to uncover the pain points of your construction clients. Armed with the right information, we will develop and execute a social media campaign that puts you right in front of your customers at just the right time.

Lead Generation Companies for Contractors Use Social Media
Maxine Reynolds - NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing

Maxine has extensive experience in the digital space and in driving positive experiences for clients. Her background touches large companies, where she successfully led marketing teams through grownd-breaking initiatives.

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