Implementing SEO for Construction Companies - Making the Right Calls

When we look at the channels and formats that offer the best lead generation for contractors, you need to look at SEO for construction companies. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a broad technique that you can implement across all your content, from web and landing pages to social media posts, blog articles, image tags, meta descriptions, and more. 

SEO supercharges all your inbound marketing efforts. In this post, we'll look at how utilizing this tactic can help you get found online, help establish your brand, and offer the best lead generation for contractors, construction companies, builders, and developers.

What Exactly is SEO for Construction Companies?

Search engine optimization is part art, part science, and consists of using keywords and phrases to optimize content, making it easier for search engines like Google to find. 

SEO helps you position your business to rank on the search engines and get found by the people in your market when researching or ready to buy the services you offer. Ultimately, the goal is to get your website at the top of the first page of search results for your targeted keywords.

SEO for construction companies is a process that can take as little as a few weeks before you see some results. However, the results of SEO are cumulative. The longer you practice the technique, the more benefits you'll reap. 

The Best Lead Generation for Contractors: Before You Begin...

SEO for construction companies consists of optimizing your content to make it more visible to the search engines. While no one knows exactly how Google's algorithm works, using contractor marketing best practices when optimizing your content can help you rank higher in the search results. 

You need to go back and optimize your existing content like web pages, landing pages, and blog posts, but before you do first do a little planning. 

Determine Your Target Audience

Any marketing effort begins with understanding your target audience. SEO is no exception. You need to know as much as possible about your potential customers and their pain points then offer solutions to solve their problems.

The best way to identify your target audience is by creating buyer personas. These are hybrid descriptions that use real data from past customers, enhanced with logical information about your potential customers to create a facsimile of your ideal customer.

To build personas, ask, and answer several questions including:

•        Demographic parameters

•        Education level

•        Job title, industry, and profession

•        What is the biggest challenge they face in their day-to-day work life

•        Which blogs, social media platforms and websites do they visit when researching prior to a purchase

Developing personas will help you define your contractor marketing strategy.

Implementing SEO for Construction Companies - Planning the Right Strategy

Develop a Content Strategy

To create a successful SEO program requires coming up with a content strategy. This includes both content creation and delivery. Focus on providing value to your target audience. 

SEO for construction companies should encompass all your content including blog posts, landing pages, titles, tags, and social media. The quality of your content is critical. Create well-written, unique content that addresses your customer's pain points.

Perform In-Depth Keyword Research!

Keyword research is the key to successful SEO for construction companies. Here are some things to keep in mind when developing your keywords.

• Consider your target audience – what words and phrases would your ideal customer use to find a business like yours?

• Make a list – keep track of keywords when brainstorming.

• Use different keywords on different pages

• Don't overdo it – Keyword stuffing or using too many keywords, in a non-natural way can have a negative impact. Keywords must fit the content without sounding forced. 

Four Things You Can Do Today

Here are four marketing strategies you can implement today to improve SEO for construction companies!

Implementing SEO for Construction Companies - Four Things You Can Do Today
  1. Update Your Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

This is one of the quickest ways to see results. Your page title is the clickable headline you see on SERPs. This helps the search engines understand what you do. Your meta description is the short summary found below the page title.

  1. Review Your Existing Content

All the content on your website should be unique to your business and properly showcase your voice, and brand. Make sure when adding keywords to use them naturally.

  1. Update Your Image Alt Text

Image alt text is used to describe an image on a page. While Google is getting better, it still can't “read” an image. Your Image alt tag allows it to properly index images.

  1. Claim Your Google My Business Free Listing

Google My Business is a free listing that can help you improve your ranking on Google.Most business in the construction industry is local, and Google My Business is the best way to rank on local listings, drive traffic, and generate leads.  This is very important to increasing your local SEO rankings.

SEO for construction companies is a process. Begin by defining your market, your keywords, and then adjusting your content to include those keywords. As you begin to define your contractor marketing strategy, one of the most effective techniques you'll employ is search engine optimization. Hopefully, you now better understand the process of SEO and how it can help you to grow your brand, increase leads, and close more sales!

Implementing SEO for Construction Companies
Maxine Reynolds - NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing

Maxine has extensive experience in the digital space and in driving positive experiences for clients. Her background touches large companies, where she successfully led marketing teams through grownd-breaking initiatives.

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