Construction Marketing Strategies That Can Boost Your Company’s Sales Revenue Fast

The focal point of marketing is to ensure businesses have the best opportunities on hand for money-making. This means increasing customer interest, garnering leads, and creating convincing branding. But with the array of construction marketing options available to you, it can be challenging to zero in on practices certain to increase your bottom line.

If you are an early-stage business, you may have been operating on your initial investment and seeing little return. This can be nerve-racking, particularly when the problem is not the quality of your service but public awareness of your company's existence (or lack thereof).

Marketing can optimize your sales by bridging the gap between you and your potential customers. By making your contractor services enticing to the surrounding community, you can almost guarantee increasing your sales potential.

Understanding the Approaches Available to You

Most modern construction companies will be tasked with creating a hybrid of traditional and new marketing methods. This will require investing in both classic marketing approaches and digital marketing techniques.

Digital marketing has been a beacon of opportunity for construction companies. It has allowed teams of professionals to have direct contact with their desired customer base, making their marketing content visible on countless social media timelines and websites. This allows potential customers access to your marketing content at desirable times, such as when seeking a product or service relating to your offerings.

Digital marketing is almost unbeatable in its lead generation; however, it is most effective when combined with traditional marketing. Traditional construction marketing would involve taking out newspaper ads, creating infomercials and promotional offers to attract interest. Digital marketing, on the other hand, is centered around virtual interaction. Using both methods simultaneously allows you to ascertain your branding's consistency and appeal to wider audiences.

Advantages of Traditional Marketing Techniques

Traditional construction marketing can require a substantial budget; however, it creates content with a longer lifespan of marketability. Traditional marketing trends are more static. Therefore, it isn’t uncommon for companies to use the same infomercial or print advertising slogans for years.

Traditional marketing techniques rely on repetitiveness to establish a familiarity with your company’s message. For instance, if you pride yourself on your customer service quality, having a short, snappy slogan that grasps this particular selling point can be highly effective at earning you leads.

The more this slogan is repeated on your print advertising, underneath your logo, on your receipts and quotes, in infomercials, on employee t-shirts, etc., the more likely it is to stick with your customer base. This process of convincing through repetition is much easier to carry out through traditional marketing than digital marketing.

Other benefits of traditional approaches to construction marketing include:

  • Availability of presentation material when seeking investors
  • Accessibility to people who don’t use the internet
  • Relatability across all demographics
  • Interactivity opportunities of promotional event

Advantages of Digital Marketing Techniques

Digital marketing techniques are highly efficient because they enable the marketing team to target their desired audience base. One of the most powerful digital marketing methods is social media marketing. Social media marketing relies on the use of analytical tools that can establish demographics most responsive to your marketing content, allow you only to distribute your material to desired communities, and track how engaged your audience is in your material.

For all construction marketing approaches, these analytical tools provide a research and development shortcut. Not only do you no longer need to spend significant sums on ascertaining the type of audience base you need to advertise to, but you also can decide to only spend on that specific audience consuming your digital marketing.

Other advantages of digital marketing include:

  • Saving money on printing
  • Ecological friendliness of virtual advertising
  • The efficiency of storage of past marketing material
  • Popularity among younger generations
  • Affordability of creating marketing content

Hybrid Construction Marketing Models to Consider

The best marketing strategy for a construction business is one that combines both digital and traditional marketing. You will need to pluck from the traditional marketing methods that have remained efficient over the years and select the digital marketing practices that have proved themselves most promising. Generally, your hybrid list of strategies should look something like:

1. Infomercial Marketing

Infomercials are traditional marketing features; however, they are effective in the modern landscape because they can be posted and shared virtually. Infomercials provide comprehensive knowledge of your business’s services in an accessible and engaging manner.

2. Flyer Printing

Flyers are highly effective marketing techniques for services such as contractor work and construction, plumbing, and even handyman services because they act as a mini-portfolio of your services. They provide you with an opportunity to pitch your company to prospective clients, and simultaneously offer them contact information. Flyers are easy to distribute, can be placed on store cashier counters, and picked at wish.

3. SEO Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization content is highly efficient as a marketing approach because it simultaneously helps your website rank higher on search results. It also provides valuable information to your site’s visitors. SEO content is, however, only engaging when it is unique and well-researched.

4. Social Media Marketing

The undebatable efficiency of social media marketing stems from the wide use of social media platforms worldwide. These platforms are led by engineers capable of discerning who to best sell your marketing to and give you access to their private timelines.

Social media marketing is also one of the least costly marketing methods and does not require hiring an in-house expert. Instead, you can contract the services of a digital marketing company.

Why Entrust Nitro Plug Digital Marketing with Your Virtual Construction Marketing

Nitro Plug Digital Marketing is a team of experts versed in all virtual marketing techniques, from SEO to pay-per-click advertising. We provide stellar marketing expertise at highly competitive pricing. To trust us with your marketing is to receive the highest quality of customer service and digital marketing strategies tailored to your needs. Contact us today for more information on our construction marketing services.

Construction marketing strategies to boost your sales revenue
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