Construction Lead Generation Services for Start-up Companies

Lead generation is digital marketing’s most desirable outcome. Leads refer to opportunities to close sales characterized by potential customer interest in your services. Leads are especially challenging to obtain at the start-up level because they are often dependent on a word-of-mouth marketing system.

For a customer to entrust your early-stage company with their construction budget, they need the conviction that you are indeed capable of providing them the quality service, customer care, and professional expertise they might expect from an established market leader. Therefore, this makes every early lead vital for a start-up construction business.

Marketing for commercial construction at a start-up level requires communicating to potential customers that you:

  • Are as familiar with your industry as advanced-stage players.
  • Have a unique selling point an existent advanced-stage player may lack.
  • Are willing to go the extra mile to reward the early leads that may entrust in you.

Understanding the Basics of Marketing for Commercial Construction

Before we dive into common practices of construction lead generation services, you will need to know more about the umbrella they fall under commercial construction digital marketing. It is crucial for start-up businesses to understand the impressions you must create in potential customers for them to become your first leads.

1. Showing Your Expertise in Your Industry

The most challenging marketing task of being an early-stage company is establishing that you are as aware of your industry and its required practices as competitors. You will want to communicate to potential clients that though you are a newly formed company, your team members have experience in contracting work.

Experience should be placed at the forefront of your digital marketing to attest that you can be trusted with complex tasks, on the same basis as a client might find an experienced company perfect for the job.

2. Establishing a USP

A unique selling point differentiates you from your competitors. It provides you with that extra edge that may motivate a client to choose you over them, despite being a start-up company.

When marketing for commercial construction, you will need to convince your public that there is a quality of service, competitiveness of rates, and your customer service's attentiveness that competitors do not offer.

3. Providing Irresistible Early Lead Offers

Your early leads will want to be enticed into giving you a chance and feel rewarded for encouraging other people to do so. Therefore, you’ll want to develop promotional offers with your marketing team that make early customers interested in switching to your services.

For instance, if your construction company operates on a membership basis, providing discounted or more comprehensive contractor work to members that pay a yearly fee, you could offer your first 100 or 1000 leads free membership for a year.

Digital Marketing Services That You Will Need to Earn More Leads

There is a lead generation playbook that applies to almost all digital marketing strategies; however, its application for start-up construction businesses is slightly different. The key is to understand your audience, a process that could require hiring digital marketing professionals to do some market research.

Once you have more information on your audience, you can now adjust your construction lead generation services to your specific target market.

Here are a few services your digital marketeer should be able to provide you:

1. Crafting Social Media Content

Social media marketing is one of the most efficient ways of garnering new leads. However, you will require to make your content unique and engaging to encourage your audience to follow you and respond to your posts. This will require photos you own the copyrights to, short, grasping captions, and paid social media advertising to place your content on the timelines of your target audience.

Social media content needs to be relatively in line with current trends to be engaging. The more people can relate to your content, the more likely they are to engage with your material, visit your website and become leads.

2. Writing Engaging SEO Content

Marketing for commercial construction companies requires informing your customers on the importance of hiring a professional for their construction needs. Your Search Engine Optimization content needs to reflect contractor challenges they might be facing and offer viable solutions for them.

For instance, if you specialize in commercial construction, you may want to craft content on obtaining commercial construction permits, monitoring construction work, budgeting and obtaining good quotes for your commercial construction, or even how to fix prior construction problems.

3. Getting You Listed on Web Directories

Web directories are the most reliable way to find essential services. Getting you listed on the appropriate directories is one of the construction lead generation services that will help people in your area to familiarize themselves with you as a service provider in their area.

However, getting listed on a local director can require a lot of effort, particularly in communicating with webmasters to convince them to list your service. You may need to build a rapport, and ascertain a gap, perhaps caused by a listed service having lost their domain, and offer to replace it.

4. Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is extremely efficient because it markets your services to web users with a search history that qualifies them as individuals likely in need of your service.

However, to be worth the investment, your PPC advertising should be compelling enough to generate visits to your site. This is where the hiring of a digital marketing professional comes in; it will take the load of researching the ad content most efficiently on your target audience off your shoulders.

Why Nitro Plug Are the Digital Marketing Specialists You Were Looking For

Nitro Plug has a team of digital marketing experts versed in providing tailored construction lead generation services to businesses at all operation stages. Your start-up construction business will be in good hands with us because we are incredibly attentive to our customers’ needs. Our expertise speaks for itself; contact Nitro Plug today to find out more about how we can take your start-up construction business to the top of the web rankings and earn you the leads you deserve.

Construction Lead Generation Services for Start-up Companies
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