6 Ways to Build Lead Generation for Construction Companies

As a modern company, the vast majority of your customer base will be online. As with traditional marketing, your consumers will need to be convinced, based on their own terms, that you are the right fit for them. Often, this means catering to their ethos for the future, tastes, and relevant interests. Fortunately, the internet provides you with an excellent platform to do so.

Online marketing offers you a plethora of methods to directly reach your customer base or pull them into your business by creating content. Successful online marketing will help you generate leads. These leads will translate into increased sales. Here's how you should go about lead generation for construction companies

1. Targeting Local Search Results 

Your customers are likely to be people with quick, easy access to you. To make sure the potential customers around you know your existence and your company's services, you need to be listed in online directories. Directories will point customers within your area to your business when searching for the services you offer.

The shortcut to being listed in an online directory is to contact the webmaster with valid information and request to be listed. To make your request more convincing, you can look out for listed businesses with invalid redirecting addresses or expired web pages.You can offer to replace these businesses on the listing. 

2. Creating Unique and Engaging SEO Content 

Lead generation for construction companies requires web users to click on your site or a page featuring content affiliated with your site. In the latter case, the content in question should be convincing enough to direct them to your site eventually. This means that the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content you create and post on your website should be engaging. Appealing content can allow you to: 

  • Earn more traffic
  • Generate more backlinks from other websites
  • Be cited by your industry players
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Create marketing partnerships with other construction companies

All in all, the stronger your SEO content, the more interested the public will be in your services and resources. As Google algorithms anticipate this trend, they are likely to rank you higher in search results. 

3. Using Visual Prompts

The appeal of your web pages' design is crucial in earning you leads. The more colorful your images, the higher the quality of your pictures, and the more effectively they depict your products, the more fascinating they will be. Video content also allows customers to immerse themselves in the experiences or services you provide.

They allow viewers to imagine themselves using your services. Often, videos also allow you to create a more human bond with your customers, which will later facilitate building a relationship of trust. 

6 Ways to Build Lead Generation for Construction Companies - Nail these down

4. Investing in Digital Advertising 

Digital advertising is more effective than traditional advertising in its ability to target potential customers using precise metrics. For instance, you would be able to use market research to decide on a specific demographic to advertise to.

Market research can allow your marketing team to ascertain what age group, gender, and community of people are most likely to be interested in your construction services. The algorithms used by platforms providing online marketing opportunities allow advertisers to establish interest connections between different audiences.

For instance, they might observe a correlation between an interest in DIY carpeting in men aged 35 to 50, and a propensity to seek out home renovations. In such a case, an advertising platform like Google would be able to advertise your construction service predominantly or exclusively to such a demographic. This added precision is more likely to result in a lead, with every person viewing your ad. 

5. Email Marketing 

Email marketing is the modern equivalent of calling prospective clients to inform them of your new services. Unlike with phone calls, they have the leisure to consult the information whenever they are most comfortable. They can also go back to it at any time, without the risk of having lost any of your business's contact information.This automatic information storing is a goldmine for lead generation for construction companies.

Email marketing is most efficient when combined with a newsletter, through which you provide prospective or current clients with insightful, educative information. This information should pertain to your business (i.e., exciting offers and promotions, for instance, holiday deals offering decreased per hour prices or free contractor consultations) or the industry it belongs in. Email marketing can attest to your dedication to providing a comprehensive service. However, unlike calling potential customers on the phone, it is not intrusive.

6. Making Contact Information Consistently Visible 

There's no point re-inventing the wheel; successful sales practices of the past have a place in your current digital marketing. Having bold, visible contact information with consistent, prime placement generally guarantees lead generation for construction companies. It motivates interested parties to contact you directly, where a sales representative can further convince them to try out your services. 

Visible contact information also strengthens the credibility of your business. It suggests that you are reliable, within easy reach, and have verifiable credentials. To create a consistent web design that features your contact details in the same spot on every page, Nitro Plug can connect you to a skilled, qualified web designer. 

6 Ways to Build Lead Generation for Construction Companies - Write these down

Lead Generation for Construction Companies: A Tailored Service 

At Nitro Plug, we pride ourselves on offering each construction service we serve with a unique digital marketing strategy. Each method we suggest to our clients is based on consideration of their targets and goals and their dreams for their business.

We understand that each client may be at different stages of their business and may need a more aggressive or softer digital approach. Regardless of what you are looking for, our team is eager to lend an attentive ear to create the ideal digital marketing strategy for your construction business. Contact us today for more information on lead generation for construction companies.

6 Ways to Build Lead Generation for Construction Companies
Maxine Reynolds - NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing

Maxine has extensive experience in the digital space and in driving positive experiences for clients. Her background touches large companies, where she successfully led marketing teams through grownd-breaking initiatives.

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