If you own a construction company in and are interested in learning how you can transform your business online, we are here to help. As an experienced digital marketing agency, specializing in the construction industry, we can help you to thrive online. This year has certainly been difficult for many industries around the world, but now is the time to use digital marketing and social media to your advantage. As the world begins to build back up economies, hit hard by the global pandemic, now is your opportunity to build your brand, develop your online reputation and increase your online lead generation. Whether you’re hoping to double your conversions, optimize lead generation or get more out of your social media marketing strategy, NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing can give you expert advice and support in relation to PPC, SEO, content creation and social media marketing. For those new to the world of digital marketing or for construction companies in need of some SEO and PPC advice, get ready to discover 10 digital marketing tips that you can use right now to build and develop your construction company online.

1: Local SEO For Page Titles & Meta Descriptions

10 digital marketing tips for the contracting & construction industry
Local SEO for Construction Companies

You may be aware of SEO for construction companies, search engine optimization, the process of improving your construction website to rank higher in the search results, but have you considered local SEO techniques for your contracting or construction company? Local SEO for construction uses location-based keywords to help your business rank for online inquiries within a certain area or state. Rather than trying to rank for broad search terms such as "contractor," construction company," or "architect firm," local SEO for construction companies targets location-based search terms such as "construction company in Miami" and "New York architect firm." By using local SEO for construction companies instead of general or national SEO techniques, you can start to generate quality, local leads to your website that are more likely to convert and contact you about your services. This approach is far better for companies with a limited digital marketing budget, and those who only offer construction services within a certain location.

Local SEO for construction companies will also help to improve your bounce rate, a key ranking factor that can impact your position within the search results. Bounce rate reflects how many users click through to your website and then simply click back off it. A high bounce rate tells search engines such as Google that your website isn’t necessarily what the user was looking for or didn’t provide a positive user experience. This could happen if you are ranking for a generic search enquiry, but the user is in another city or state, and you don’t offer services in their area.

Here’s a quick example to help you see the power of local SEO strategies in the contracting and construction industries:

You run a construction company in New York.

Page title: ABC Construction Company | Over 30 Years Industry Experience

Search enquiry: "construction company"

A user clicks onto your website and realizes you’re based in New York. They are from Washington, and so they click back off and go back to the search results.

You start to experience a high bounce rate.

You optimize your website using local SEO techniques and change your page title.

Optimized page title: ABC Construction Company | New York Construction Experts

Search enquiry: "construction company"

A user from Washington can clearly see that you’re based in New York from your page title, and so doesn’t click through to your website. However, you now start to rank for location-based search terms.

Search enquiry: "New York construction company"

A user from New York, looking for a reliable construction company finds your website and contacts you about their property development needs.

Local SEO for construction or contracting should be used to optimize page titles, image alt tags, meta descriptions as well as on-page content and blog posts.

For more help and advice relating to local SEO in the construction industry, feel free to reach out to our team of digital marketing experts today, or discover more about the power of local SEO for construction here.

2: Google My BusinessAccount

10 digital marketing tips for the contracting & construction industry
Google My Business

To take local SEO for construction a step further, make sure to have a Google My Business account set up for your company. Having your office address, contact information and opening times available to both Google and online users, you can increase your chances of ranking for location-based search results.

Users will also be able to click onto your Google My Business account and look up your address and use Google Maps to guide them to your office location when setting up a meeting with your company. Plus, this is another way for happy customers to review your company. Google reviews will help encourage more customers to trust your business and contact you for their construction needs. If you need help setting up a Google My Business account for your contracting or construction firm, visit Google My Business.

3: SEO Content Creation

10 Digital Marketing Tips for The Contracting & Construction Industries
Construction SEO & Construction Marketing Content Creation

Content reigns supreme in the online arena and creating construction SEO blog posts will help you appear for more search results. By adding value, through construction FAQs, property development insight and construction industry news articles, you can quickly position yourself as an industry expert online. Blogposts also give your business the opportunity to increase lead generation and guide readers to your contact page, or service pages for more information. By optimizing your blog posts for construction SEO keywords, you can rank for FAQs relating to the construction industry, architectural information, guides on how to find a reliable construction company, property trends and hot topics relating to your sector. This top-level content can help you to capture more potential customers and move them further down the sales funnel. Refreshing your website with new construction SEO friendly content on a regular basis will also help you in terms of ranking in the search results. In fact, Google recently announced its plans to update the search algorithm in 2021, to include a new "page experience" ranking factor. This will look at metrics such as visual layout stability, mobile friendly designs, safe and clean website code, and valuable content.

4: Customer Reviews

10 Digital Marketing Tips for The Contracting & Construction Industries
Contracting & Construction Reviews

Word of mouth is a powerful way of encouraging more leads to convert online. Positive customer reviews should be promoted on your website and across social media to help build trust. When customers are searching for a construction company, being able to read genuine reviews from previous customers will really help them to decide and eventually contact you. To encourage more customers to review your business, consider adding a link to leave a review on social media, within newsletters and on your website. You could also provide an incentive, such as the chance to win a gift card by submitting a genuine review. When customers do provide a recommendation and feedback about your construction company, make sure to always respond by thanking them for their time. When customers feel that their reviews are being acknowledged, this will convince others to allow follow suit and promote your business online.

5: Facebook Ads & Posts for Construction Companies

10 Digital Marketing Tips for The Contracting & Construction Industries
Facebook Ads for Construction

Never underestimate the power of social media and its online communities. For construction companies, you can work smart, rather than work hard when it comes to social media marketing and Facebook ads for construction companies by tailoring your ad content and targeting your audience online. Creating posts and running targeted, location-based Facebook ads for construction companies can create a platform to reach new clients, share your blog posts, answer construction FAQs, discuss construction industry news and property development trends. By posting regularly and running Facebook ads for your construction company, your social media marketing efforts will be far more beneficial for your construction lead generation efforts and you'll should gradually start generating quality construction leads to your website. Facebook Groups for your construction marketing efforts are also good to join as well:

Here are a couple of the top construction industry Facebook groups you could join:

● Construction Marketing and Sales: 3.9K members: US

● New York Construction Contractors:4.7K members: New York

● Home Design, GardenDecor, Architecture: 16.8K members: Worldwide

● Bay Area, Contractors & Home Remodel Vendors: 2.2K members: SanFrancisco

6: LinkedIn Marketing

10 Digital Marketing Tips for The Contracting & Construction Industries
LinkedIn for Construction Marketing

Another useful social media and construction marketing platform to leverage in your construction lead generation efforts is LinkedIn. As a construction company in the US, you should have a strong and professional presence on LinkedIn. Designed for businesses and professionals, this is particularly important if you're targeting B2B construction leads. By positioning yourself as a B2B construction firm on LinkedIn, you can reach out to potential commercial construction clients after connecting and promote your contracting or construction services. LinkedIn also has groups that you can join within the construction industry and make valuable connections as a business. You can also create your own group, share news articles, customer reviews, post discussion topics and promote job opportunities. If you’d like to learn more about LinkedIn and social media marketing as a construction company, contact our team now.

7: Mobile Responsive Contracting or Construction Website

Mobile Responsive Contracting or Construction Website

Invest in your website and master digital marketing in the construction industry. Your website is going to be the first impression people have of your business when searching for a construction company online. If your site is outdated, lacks information and case studies and the theme breaks when using a mobile device, this is likely going to put off potential customers. When a businesses fail to reinvest in themselves, this can give people the impression that they’re struggling financially, are unaware of the importance of technology and are probably not going to be an innovative, forward thinking contracting or construction company. Don’t let your business down, make sure your site is mobile responsive, updated on a regular basis with fresh construction SEO content and reflects your brand values.

8: Google PPC Construction Campaigns

10 Digital Marketing Tips for The Contracting & Construction Industries
PPC Construction Campaigns

Pay-per-click, or PPC construction is a paid advertising strategy to help construction companies generate more construction leads online. Google PPC construction allows you to set up ad campaigns with a daily budget and display ads for relative search terms. A smart PPC campaign can completely transform your business and help drive your construction lead generation efforts. This tactic is particularly useful for construction companies hoping to attract larger, or even commercial construction contracts. However, setting up a PPC construction campaign and managing it daily can be a full-time job. For PPC construction ad management, feel free to reach out to our construction marketing experts today. Our team would be more than happy to talk you through an analysis of the construction marketing landscape, including PPC construction campaigns and the benefits of a successful paid advertising strategy in your construction marketing portfolio.

9: Retargeting on Social Media

10 Digital Marketing Tips for The Contracting & Construction Industries
Retargeting on Social Media

Social media marketing for construction companies can also work alongside paid advertising campaigns. Re-targeting involves showing social media ads to online browsers who have already shown interest in your construction business. If a customer clicks onto your website and visits your service page, for example, you can use cookie data to show them your construction ads when they visit Facebook or Instagram. Re-targeting ad campaigns perform a lot better than regular paid advertising techniques. This is likely due to the user having already shown an interest, and the ad encourages them to call, submit information, or complete any desired action with your company. Retargeting can also involve personalization elements, which can really impact your paid advertising campaign’s performance.

10: Visual Storytelling in Construction Marketing

10 Digital Marketing Tips for The Contracting & Construction Industries
Visual Storytelling in Construction Marketing

Video content is fast, convenient for users, and can evoke emotions. If you run contracting company, construction, or commercial construction company business, take your customers on an epic journey through visual storytelling. As humans, we are able to process visual content 60,000 times faster than text, so to quickly inform, educate and entertain your target audience online, create an interesting video that will deliver your message far better than any construction blog post or social media asset.

Having video content freely available on your website and promoted across your social media profiles will elevate your brand and attract more interest online. Video content also helps to make complex processes easier to understand, enables you to show off your case studies and portfolio of work to new customers with ease. Use video content on your website, within blog posts and on social media to really show-off what your business is capable of.

Now that you are armed with 10 incredible digital marketing tips for the construction industry, you are ready to transform the way you promote your business and services online. Whether you’re a new and innovative construction company, or you’re an established business looking to optimize your digital marketing strategy, our experts at NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing are here to help. Our services include, PPC management, social media marketing, reputation management, local SEO, email marketing and national SEO. For more information and support in relation to your business, contact NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing today and let us help you build and develop your construction marketing strategy today!

10 Digital Marketing Tips for Contracting & Construction
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